Pet Food

  • Acts as gelling, moisture retention, thickening and stabilizing agent in veterinary food preparations.

Fish Feed

  • Our feeds contain adequate levels of digestible amino acids meeting optimal growth requirements of fish and adequate levels of minerals/vitamins supporting vitality, reproduction and growth. Strong, healthy and fast growing fish, thus providing good economy in the fish farm.

Poultry feed

  • Feeds is energized and enriched with all essential Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals to attain consistently higher Body Weigh Gain, Uniformity of flocks, Better Dressing Yield and early Marketability in Broilers and Standard Body Weight of Pullets at the Point of Lay and Optimum Productivity in Layers.

Cattle Feed

  • We are spearheading the market among the Cattle Feed manufacturers and are also its leading suppliers, grounded in India. We produce some of the best quality feeds available in the market. Our cattle poultry feed has left a significant impact on the market and is highly in demand.